The Institute for Border Crit Theory: Social Justice Education and Research is a non-profit research and educational institute dedicated to social justice education and promoting ethical standards that hold researchers, academics, politicians, artists, and anyone seeking to intellectually profit from “the border” accountable to the communities who live there.  Our goal is to create a space and platform for critical thinking and analysis of issues that impact and affect people of color living in border areas. We seek to forefront the narratives, voices, and experiences of people of color, and to inspire and promote direct action and social change.

As part of this work, this blog is designed to highlight the stories and narratives of resistance and resiliency in Arizona.  We hope to redirect public perception of border communities, to the resiliency, strength, and resistance that our people demonstrate amidst the many systemic and institutionalized physical and social borders.  It is our hope that you find meaning in this blog, and are inspired to get involved and/or to support the work and efforts of the many people fighting on the ground.