Welcome to Profiles of Resistance

Break down the wall.

The world feels

oh so ugly at times,

a n d


Our hearts feel the weight of a mountain that obscures our fight,

for visibility.

We struggle,

and often times we fall,

but we don’t

stay there.

Every time,

we keep on getting up in spite of all the noisy silence from the outside,

we stand



This is what resiliency looks like.

In Arizona, we fight.

Welcome to profiles of resistance.  This blog was created for you and I, for all of us.  It is made with the purpose of disrupting, and unveiling the beauty of our struggle, and the incessant resistance that cushions the raw nature of our dreams and our aspirations for a world that does not dehumanize, or belittle.  A world where space exists for all to grow.  The borderlands in Arizona contain some of the most beautiful sunsets, amidst the toxicity of its political landscape.  In the heat of the desert and against the hate in the air, we quench our thirst with resistance, and we thrive.


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