Yesenia Ramales Perez wins first Border Crit Institute Award

This February, The Institute for Border Crit Theory was pleased to select the winners of the Resistance and Resiliency Call for Submissions Award.  The goal of the contest is to foreground the voices and experiences of people of color living in Arizona.  We are pleased to award Yesenia Ramales Perez, who describes herself as “an immigrant woman who writes in order to stay sane in the midst of the adventure we call life.”

Yesenia’s narrative “Permission to Acknowlede the Burden of Being Me” is now published in our Movimiento Journal, an online open access community journal.  We are beyond excited to create a platform to showcase the narratives and voices of our community and to facilitate the authoring of our own herstories.

Yesenia was awarded a stipend in the amount of $500 for her narrative, and an additional $500 written in her name to a non-profit organization of her choice.  Yesenia selected the New Life Center, a refuge from domestic violence as the recipient of her donation.  Yesenia describes that domestic violence is an issue that is very dear to her heart.  Her passion for social justice is reflected in the very work she does day in and day out at the Florence Project.  Yesenia is not only a great writer but longs to one day go to Law School, and establish a foundation of her own.  We have no doubt she will soon accomplish that, and more.

“Selecting winners for the contest was not easy,” states Dr. Maldonado, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Border Crit Institute,  “we just had to generate a second stipend, their stories are powerful and critically necessary in the political landscape we are living in.”  She added that she is actively looking forward to identifying funders to continue this much needed work.  The Institute awarded Carmen Iveth Perez Noyola with a $250 writing stipend for her submission entitled “They Call Me Wetback.”   The Institute wishes to thank Brenda Aguirre for her service and support of the Institute and a special shout out to the Ybarra Maldonado Law Group  for funding this Resistance & Resiliency Call for Submissions contest!  Abogado Ray Ybarra Maldonado, owner at Ybarra Maldonado Law Group and co-founder of the Border Crit Institute said after the award luncheon “It was simply beautiful, really honored to recognize these brave individuals who are sharing their stories and their art with the world.”



The Institute for Border Crit Theory is a grassroots community and academic space dedicated to forefront the voices and experiences of people of color living in the borderlands.

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Welcome to Profiles of Resistance

Break down the wall.

The world feels

oh so ugly at times,

a n d


Our hearts feel the weight of a mountain that obscures our fight,

for visibility.

We struggle,

and often times we fall,

but we don’t

stay there.

Every time,

we keep on getting up in spite of all the noisy silence from the outside,

we stand



This is what resiliency looks like.

In Arizona, we fight.

Welcome to profiles of resistance.  This blog was created for you and I, for all of us.  It is made with the purpose of disrupting, and unveiling the beauty of our struggle, and the incessant resistance that cushions the raw nature of our dreams and our aspirations for a world that does not dehumanize, or belittle.  A world where space exists for all to grow.  The borderlands in Arizona contain some of the most beautiful sunsets, amidst the toxicity of its political landscape.  In the heat of the desert and against the hate in the air, we quench our thirst with resistance, and we thrive.